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Blizzardfest - 3D - centaur (mechanical)

Hello everyone!

So this is my first challenge of any sort and my 4th attempt to produce and sculpt anything of note in Zbrush.

I did some research on my chosen Unit (centaur) on the Wowpedia and the relations of other races in Wow.

So this is the backstory (fanfic) on my unit. Gnomish Tinkers decide to build mechanical constructs to help fight the Horde and specially to fight the Fel Reavers. Due to the long length of time it takes to build one unit, they decide the first line of these war constructs be based off of the Centaur Race, seeing that they can provide as: Rider-less Calvary (air/land) Units, Scouts, and Sentries.

*Flight Provided by a Wing Array and Gnomish Rocketry, if time permits.*

Here is my attempt to classify my unit the best I could in wow:
Race - Construct (mechanical) Centuar
Classification - Medium Construct, Gnomish mech
Character Class - Champion Construct (mechanical) Centuar
Type - Recon, War Construct (Calvary -air/land-), Sentry
Primary Power Source - Chaos Energy
Suppementary Power Source - liquid phlogiston
Fuel Type - liquid phlogiston
Engine Type:
*- Main - Chaos Heart (Catalytic Chaos Steam Converter Rig)
*- complementary - liquid phlogiston injectors

So Yup, that's all the Nerdy Stuff.
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