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Originally Posted by gumby666 View Post
Yay Zombies!!!
Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
Think I might have to rent some B-Grade flicks for inspiration!

Now which is the best Zombie flick ever?? (need a new thread for this topic!)
Braindead (Dead Alive for peoples in USA) is one of my favourites?
Some quality New Zealand splatter!!
Has one of the best movie lines ever "I kick arse for the lord!!" and some fantastic lawnmower death scenes!
Was actually made by the genius behind the Lord of the Rings films

Here's a list for others craving some BRAAAAIIIIN!! action.
Braindead is probably on of my favorite zombie movies also, just watched it today, also zombieland that jut came out is awesome!!! If you guys havent seen it yet, would strongly suggest that you go do!! loved it!!

I am gonna try to get something in for this one....always say that but never have time..I really want to!!! will try my hardest to find some time...
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