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I have only read this sticky thread now, and haven't read any of the other posts.

First off I would like to ask, what are you actually aiming at? Are you trying to discourage people from making games or do you just want people to believe the bull**** that you write.

Are you even a programmer, and if you are do you know anything about games programming. The majority of people that want to make games either just want to make a small game for themselves or an indie game. Yes we all know that everyone does secretly want to make an MMORPG and yes, that won't happen unless they start a games company.

But seriously, where did you get all that crap about what languages you need to know and how long it will take. I work for a subsidiary company of Microgaming, an online casino company. I work in the Poker department as a developer and I did not start off learning Basic, then Java then bla di bla di bla. I'm 22, and I only starting programming when I was 18. I first did a 5 month Java course then proceeded to teach myself C and then C++.

If you are serious about games programming then C++ is the one you need to learn.

I think what you should rather say is that you need to know HOW TO PROGRAM instead of trying to intimidate people by telling them unless they know everything they will never get anywhere.

Yes you have to start somewhere. One thing you forgot to mention though is that there are so many open source 3D engines out there at the moment that there isn't that big of a difference whether you make a 2D game or small 3D game.

Why not post some links? Get people started in the right direction.

Thinking of making a game? Start with the BASICS and work your way through the ladder.
Your post does not mention any "basics" but yet you title the post "How to make a game". Your post has absolutely no information relating to how to actually make a game.

Please, please if you are going to try to help people, make it relevant.

To not take a risk is a risk in itself

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