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my 2 cents will ad some more as i dig them out ive got loads

Tutorials 3ds max/fume/pflow/realflow/rayfire/AE

3d total tuts =

Mr Bluesummers of course =

gamma 2.2 =

linear workflow =

hardsuface texture painting =

bake Flawless Normal Map in 3ds Max =

Network Rendering and Backburner =

vray sun and sky exapmles =

VRayMtl examples =

Allan McKay touching on visual effects in New York =

interactive fracture system 3ds max =

best vfx tuts = fume/realflow/pflow =

Focke-Wulf Crash in the Snow Making of =

rigging a cartoon car in 3ds max =

3ds max modeling furniture =

Next-Gen Weapon Creation knife =

no more wine making of =

pistons and ball joints rigging 3ds max =

Normal Map Workflow in 3dsMax trye =

3Ds Max: How to model welded tubes =

traptcg =

realflow Advanced Tutorials =

vray interior lighting =

Using 3ds Max with Motionbuilder cat rigs =

Krakatoa Tutorials =

Making Terrain Texture II =

rayfire tuts =

marekdenko =

augmented reality =

Dust to dust =

Compositing V-ray Render Layers in Photoshop =

making of nyc taxi =

Alex Roman making of exeter shot =

Alex Roman behind the scenes=

Making of the Auditorium =

creating a realistic pillow with garment maker 3ds=

foundation 3ds max 8 acrhviz online book =

portfolio do's and dont's =

After effects

videocopilot =

red gaint tv =

tutorials that cost money (but are worth it)

thegnomonworkshop =

3d total shop =

eat3d =

i recamend this! 3ds max vray interior rendering. very good also the exterior dvd for a very solid understanding of vray =

inspiration sites

concept ships =
concept robots =
concept vehicles =
concept tanks =
the third and the seventh =
Silestone -- 'Above Everything Else' =

a website that finds cg companys in your area so you can show them what your made of

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