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Exclamation READ ME - Nudity Issue

It has come to the attention of the moderators that in some threads, nudity is an issue.

Sometimes it can be miscontruded as offensive, or simply innapropriate to the area in which the threads are being viewed. So please read on to find out how were are going to handle this.

First off, we cannot be in charge of making sure every thread is nudity free, nor can we ban any form of nude artistic expression. So we will simply ask that you put a tag in the thread name, so that anyone not wishing to see nude material can avoid it.
example: [nudity] 'character or scene name'.

Failure to do this as of now will result in the loss of 10 reputation points, and on multiple infractions, being banned. Now obviously we are not going to sift through all of the threads, but if it is reported by a user, the rules will be applied.

In a nutshell, use common sense, if it is offensive by nature, do no post it here.
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