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Originally Posted by Dreamcast
Im learning 3d programming and its not all that hard. And guess what im 14 almost 15. Im "ok" at modeling and have a team and were making a game.
lol i'm 15 and know the basics of C++, Direct X 3d and i can model and animate lol (still improving programming though lol).

HOWEVER if i'd truly advise u start on a 2d type game, mainly as:
1)you find out whose actually determined as if they dont stick around long enough to make a 2d game... they have no chance at 3d lol...
2)you can find out how good they are at modelling from teh 2d renders... then you can assign them jobs using that info...
3)You want to start a company u need to build a reputation, a good 2d game is a nice way to do this (eg blizzard made 2 2d games before trying 3d and when they did release 3d they were succesfull due to there reputation) And you have more chance of making a giid 2d game than u have of making a good 3d 1...

Just some advice after having been in and out of projects for about 5 years lol... (unless u know all of they in real life aint aint juts doing on line)...
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