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I have to say your wrong on the programing side of things. I know very little c++ and almost no ASM. I am proficient in Delphi and BlitzBasic only and my game is coming along fine. Screenies:

It was written in like 6 hours. Fair enough i dont expect the actual game to be finished till 2005, but the main menu is fully functional and the first scene works fine. because the first scene is up and running i already have functions written to allow for animation/movement of chars and speech. I would agree that programming is the last thing to consider tho. At the moment i am lacking in 3d skills(is why i am here). I can do scenery/terrain e.t.c(hence the menu image) but not character modelling/skinning. If ne1 is interesting in helping with the 3d side of things jus give me a yell and i'll explain some more about the project .

:: Edit ::

I forgot the rest . I would agree with that a few years ago it would be wise to know C/C++ and ASM but now i dont think it is neccasary at all, unless you are working for a major software company that may be considering porting it to other platforms. Even then Delphi games can in theory be ported to Linux if OpenGl is used. Nowadays theres a wealth of languages out there specifically for writing games, be them 2d or 3d, i dont see why you would have to make it harder for yourself by insisting on writing it in C just because it is assumed to be the greatest language(it isn't, by far )

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