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Your right, and i do realise its just an engine. My point is that your average programmer cannot alone write the next generation of games. If you simply want to write a game and have a general idea of what you want then these languages/scripters are the way to go. I mean i could quite easily write a decent quake clone(provided i had the models) which at the end of the day is the kind of thing most amateurs want to do. Those pictures above were produced on a 233MMX with 64meg of ram and a kyro2 gfx chipset. So on my measly(pathetic ) spec i'm getting quite good results. If you want to write the next mind boggling game that breaks all expectations then by all means learn to code. But even the best programmer in the world couldn't do it without a team of experts in the field of programming, storywriting and art. So unless your part of a software giant such as square or rare there is little to no point in learning to write games in C/C++, unless you actually want to go into the games industry in which case you'd be better off actually taking some kind of games creation in C++ course at university. If your like me and you just code for a hobbie and for entertainment, then software like blitzbasic is the way to go. Thats all i was trying to say lol
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