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Personally I use GI mostly when I want to render a single object, so it shows up better. For scenes I prefer to use common lights, lots of them sometimes, 2 or 3 dozens are normal.
Each scene is different and needs a different approach to how it is iluminated, for example in a particular scene I ended up ligthing things using the SHADOWS of some lights, strange as it may seems it worked very well.
As i said each scene needs a different lighting, but outdoors scenes look more or less the same, a main light (Sun or Moon) a sky light and some light bounced from the ground. What I do is create three rings of omni lights, 12 for each one. One ring of bluish lights, the larger and placed higher than the rest; that will be the skylight, a second ring, usually smaller and bellow the first one, the lights have the same colour as the main light, although a bit washed out or mixed with the sky light. That makes the fill light. And the third is another ring placed bellow the ground level and the omnis have the average colour of the ground. Then I add the main diretc light, plus a few secondary spots or omnis. All this makes quite nice, soft lighting and keeps render times reasonably short.
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