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Nice topic Zytrex, I'll make it sticky as you asked. I think the GI vs traditional setup debate is one we should look into. Personally I can be very lazy at times & the whole skylight + 1 spot thing is a quick & easy fix for previewing scenes. For final renders I still use GI/skylight, but I tend to use a main key & also a rim light, so essentially I'm just using the skylight as a fill light in a 3 point setup. I also ALWAYS play with a lot of the settings - light colour, shadow colour, shadow density, light multiplier, hotspot & falloff, soften diffuse edge & contrast etc etc, even for preview renders. So it does go to show I think that learning the basics still applies to GI.
btw, a good skylight for max 4 & 5 (yes I know 5 has a built in one but this is faster & good,) can be found here:
It also accepts bitmaps for image based lighting.
(If you ask nicely Jenn might put some bitmaps she made for it up for download.)
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