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Well, if we're going for speed and quality, I think then we should think in terms of frames

Let's say... an animation in 150 frames? 5 seconds of animation.



Sit in a chair
Sit on the floor
Waiting in line
Walk cycle
Walking and tripping
Walking and falling down a hill
Walking and falling off a cliff
Sword Swing/Shield Block
Jump rope
Throwing up/getting sick
Throwing/catching something
Anvil falls on head
Running in fear
Stepping on stones
Balance Beam
Punching Bag

And an unlimited amount more. I can't believe you guys are short on ideas!
I feel like a maximum of 5 seconds of animation would be good, 5 hours Maximum to animate (not exactly speedy, but considering 5 seconds of professional animation would take weeks)

I really hope these pick up, I'm looking forward to trying my hand at them!
I like 'em chunky.

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