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Originally Posted by MightyReg View Post
Really cool and unique concepts everyone! I especially like the OwlBear, could be very interesting.
As for me, I started tonight doing the base in ZSphere and started definning the shapes. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think!
Looks great so far, but I'd worry about the polygon density. Notice how there are more polys on the arms and legs and an insanely high amount of detail on the fingers for that subdivision level. Not only will it make it tough for you to work on it it'll get really cpu intensive once you subdivide it a few times.

That said, I don't know how to do differently coming from ZSpheres, my attemps at using them actually look awful, so you might want to look for a good tutorial or maybe try a different approach.

You could do a very quick retopology inside ZBrush, with huge but uniform polygons and set them to subdivide a couple of times while projecting details, you'll get this same silhouette but evenly distributed polygons.
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