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Originally Posted by chunkymunky View Post
What's the learning curve for this software? Is this easy to get to grips with?
It's hard for me to fairly comment on that because when I learned it, there was a lot less learning material available, and it was an older (less user friendly) version.

In the long run though, now that I've been using both Houdini and Maya for a few years... without a doubt I prefer Houdini to Maya. You have access to practically everything and that is incredibly beneficial in production as there is rarely a time when you can't make the program do what you want. I constantly feel like this emoticon when I'm using Maya though. Which is odd because I remember it seeming so friendly when I was doing the basics.

The Houdini community is a pretty friendly, and helpful one though. And you'll have a pretty easy time finding people to answer your questions if you have them... though I don't think the community tends to be particularly active on 3dtotal... the SESI forums themselves are a great place to ask questions.
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