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Originally Posted by hulahuga View Post
Heard someone else praising Houdini before as well... Let's see if they have anything similar to a trial...
They do have a trial version called apprentice: It watermarks stuff (waaaaay less obtrusively than Autodesk did when they had their trial versions) and it doesn't expire. Definitely worth checking out.

They have two non-commercial versions, one called Apprentice that is watermarked and limits your resolution so that you can't go higher than dvd size, the other called Apprentice HD which costs $99US, and is NOT watermarked, and limits your animation resolutions to 1080 (stills are not limited). The only catch is it's not meant for commercial use. But film festivals/student work are in.

Originally Posted by NinthJake
I remember trying houdini quite some time ago. I did not quite like the UI and it felt pretty uncomfortable modeling in it but that's what I said about Maya too

I'm gonna check it out for sure.
Yeah, the UI used to be pretty ugly in my opinion. But within the past 3 years it's become much prettier. If you check out the options, there's a dark ui which is what most people seem to prefer using, though the default is a brighter grey.
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