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Originally Posted by Allegro View Post
Oh. Yeah, the restrictions in apprentice are very minor.

- You can't use Torque to export to games in the free version (you can in the $99 version)
- You can't render over 720 x 576 in the free version (1920x1080 for limit for animation, no limit for stills in the $99 version)
- you cannot connect to a 3rd party renderfarm (houdini now ships with renderfarm software called HQueue that I believe you can use with apprentice)
- you cannot use it for commercial purposes
- small watermark in the free version (not in $99 version)

those are the only restrictions. Houdini doesn't restrict usage of any of the dynamics like fluids like autodesk did with maya
That's really impressive for a trial version of the software.
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