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I wanted to go ahead and mention this before but this character is a woman. I feel I should justify this because something that one of my old teachers said stuck in my head and when I was doing research on the Yautja (Predator) race, I came across some information. Originally Female Predators didn't have boobs, they were taller than the males, more aggressive and slimmer. Originally they didn't have boobs until an illustrator for Dark Horse didn't like that idea so it was changed to where fem-Predators have boobs. So I made Sabotage more muscle to show off the original Predator design.

Sabotage is a stealth character. She is master of martial art styles but will use knives since they are more silent and you don't have to worry about reloading or worry about your gun locking up on you. She has the ability to enter another dimension and teleport out into our world again, just like Nightcrawler. But she can only teleport in the immediate area that she sees.

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