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This is the base head that i made tonight, i have just placed things in at the moment. If you cannot tell it has gun barrels for eyes and a kind of camera/torch device for a mouth. Coming out of the side or top of the head are the ammo clips. I plan on having many ammo clips attached to his head on a type of conveyer track so that when one clip finishes it can just move another one into place. The mouth is closed at the moment this is because i want to use it in future projects, later i will open it around the mouthpiece. I will probably make the head a little bit abnormal in shape at the back to make it more interesting and to give it more space to keep it's clips. Also i will try to make it look more sinester. Please give me some imput on how you think i should make the head look (for instance where exactly should the clips be placed on the head) and whether you like my plans for it.
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