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I initially made it clear that in taking part in this contest that I also wanted to use it as an excuse to discover new techniques and speed up my own techniques. Anyway, a few days ago I decided to revamp my character a bit and decided to concept a bit using Zbrush more.

This first picture I made in Photoshop is taken from a male nude anatomy reference I got online. I used the tools to get the main elements that I wanted in my new design. Looks weird, right?

I then went into Zbrush and set this image to an image plane which I subdivided and the manipulated so I could get a better warp/liquify deformation than I could in PS.

There are lots of good reasons to use Zbrush to make the deformations including X symmetry and the smooth tool but I just find it more plain fun to use. And even though you lose details from stretching sometimes, you can always bring it back and forth into PS to add cleaner details and fix things up in general.

Now, I will use this as a basis of re-concepting my design. I think I'll just be happy to get a decent concept done by the end of the comp even if I don't finish with a low poly version.

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