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Talking New technique!

Hey everyone,

For those paying attention, I haven't done alot but I'm still experimenting. Don't forget that my goal for this comp is to get a final concept and not exactly a final model. If I do get a final model done then bonus for me. Anyway, here is a new technique I'm fiddling with involving pre-textured mesh parts in Zbrush.

Step 1)

Here is a mirrored skull image that I made using a photo I got online. It's not evil enough so I needed to make a change.

Step 2)

Using A zbrush plane, I deformed the skull to look more evil. The basic technique is in the last post.

Step 3)

In Lightwave, I created a simple mesh to project the skull shape and extruded it. I then applied a planar UV texture and made an atlas UV texture, too.

Because Zbrush doesn't like overlapping UV tiles, I had to go into Layout then bake the texture across to the atlas UVs so that the texture could be viewed correctly in Zbrush.

Step 4)

Here's the mesh object imported into Zbrush with the texture applied. Now it is simply a matter of sculpting my mesh around the object I want to attach the mesh to.

Step 5)

And here's the final result. Yes, it's still rough and nasty but that doesn't matter. It is a good basis for my concept design.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this and it's helpful to you. If there's any more tips I pick up, I'll pass them on.

Happy Dominance Warring!


PS: If anyone uses this technique for their entry, I'd loved to see the result.
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