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Ok, I use 5 also.
To export this, you press CTRL-M for Render Queue.

There, at Output To choose the filename, like "demoreel". Then under Output Module, choose TGA Sequence at Format; leave the rest alone (Millions of colors, RGB); Under Render Settings, have Best Settings;

It will export files like demoreel_0001.tga, demoreel_0002.tga, etc.
The good news is, if you find you're running out of RAM, simply set your work area between frames 1 and 300 (for example). Export that. Then set it between 301 and 600. Then make a new Render Output for that, but reuse the demoreel name. It will automatically continue with demoreel_0301.tga, etc.

Then, use something like the free Virtual Dub to load up your TGA sequence, specify a frame rate, a codec and an audio file, then convert it all into a video file of your desire.

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