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hey mdale13, I like your arms suggestion ... it's making me wonder if we could have an anatomy challenge every now and again - choose parts of the body and sculpt them in really super cool detail? I mean, we could even keep it as simple as supplying a reference image/photo/drawing and everyone try their hardest to sculpt "the best". it would totally be devoid of imaginative creativity, but fantastic for developing sculpting skill and getting to grips with proportions etc...

I think bust sculpts when we provide the human proportioned character base mesh are great because you can jump straight into the sculpting work and not have to worry about starting from scratch - after all, these challenges are pretty short...

that's another thing open to suggestions: sculpting times. too long? too short? let us know what you think!

your other suggestions are also great; we've been thinking about non-organic challenges for a while but it's just getting the right topic isn't it ... definitely one to keep in mind! we were thinking thrones, altars - that kind of thing. so yep, non-organic suggestions also welcome!

basically, if people just throw their ideas into this thread then we'll always have something to check out and ponder over when we come to start the next challenge, so it's good for us, and you never know: you might even see your challenge suggestion up in the top news bar soon before you know it
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