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Question tinkercad - n00b in 3d, export views

Hi there,

I have no knowledge of design tools at all, but for my current work i wanted to make some nice and quite precise drawings of some pieces I made.

I performed a quick google search, I found tinkercad, I made my design fast and pretty:

The thing is that I may have chosen the wrong kind of software because I would like to be able to export nice 2d vector images and side views, but it seems this kind of software doesnt have that functionality, or is just a limitation of tinkercad itself?

btw, with this tool I can export to .stl .obj .x3d .vrml

may I import this design with any other software capable of what I need, which is actually VERY BASIC?

thanks in advance


PS: Really sorry if wrong subforum, I tried my best
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