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Originally Posted by teknight View Post
You need to beef up the thickness on that gun's barrel...otherwise, the first time it fires it is going to explode. Nice rifling effect though. How did you make it?
Cheers for the crit. Ive run out of time so I cannot tweak the barrel anymore

As for the rifeling, I used a cylinder for the barrel, detached as a clone the inside and isolated that selection. Selected a horizontal edge all the way around the diameter of the cylinder and did a loop select. Extruded the selected edges by a small amount in height and width. Selected the newly extruded edge(s) and chamfered those to make a square cross-section. Added a tessalation modifier set to faces, and upped the interation by 1 setting. Added a twist modifier and upped the spinner until I was satisfied.

That was it really, really quick and simple, and because I used already existing geometry (as I do all the time) it was exactly the right size and shape I needed.
Makes for a nice quick workflow.

Alll this is shown in the video link in the first post
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