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Alright here my 2 cents:

1. "WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED!!!" a painting of the human landscape ravaged by global warming, like a half sunk new york, but still populated (or not)

2. "We're not in Kansas anymore..." The old set backdrops from the Wizard of Oz are legendary, and the precursors of matte painting today. Take a screen shot from the film where these backdrops are prominent, remove them, and "re-imagine" the shot.

3. "Brave New World" The planets and moons in our solar system are strange places; ice-fields of frozen methane, mountains easily five times the size of Everest, and things that no satelite image has yet to see. Do the research, take an educated guess, and imagine the first human sight of an alien world.

4. "It's made of people!!!" The human population grows, the planet stays the same size, and one day we'll be forced to eat each other for food because there's too damn many of us. Paint a city/town/anything that'll show the world as it would be with the human poplation exceeding 100 billion.

5. "They always have to blow up Paris..." By law, every disaster film must destroy at least five precious structures/landmarks/buildings/memorials/etc. Everything you want to visit before you die is up on the chopping block, so take a good guess what your favorite is going to look like after the storm/alien invasion/volcano/nuclear war/zombie dance party tears it a new one.
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