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Originally Posted by Warlock 279 View Post
Personally, I'd just add some heavier armor to the legs and look for a way to work in a subtle battlement look around the turret.
With the legs I think heavier armor is the way to go then. From a design perspective, if the mech-warrior approach for the castle is to create it with influence of that from a rook chess piece~then what features would be present in the mech-warrior that would distinguish it from other mech warriors in a mech-themed chess set? Say all the pieces were mech-warriors and the rook was specifically different and unique, it should look like a rook however that may be.

An emphasis on defense yet mobile. The tank tread is one way of creating a sturdy and tough design, very solid. It would be easier to tip over a chicken legged mech than a treaded tank. (Robocop :P)
Tough and sturdy, with the mech I feel like a mech-pawn would be able to tip it over like: cow tipping, center of weight up high on stilts.

Someone should be able to look at it and go "It's obviously a mech-rook chess piece." and not get lost in the sea of other mech warriors designs. But it still looks awesome and is off to a great start.

Imagine you had a box of mech warrior chess pieces and you were setting up the game, how would you know it is the rook piece, what makes it different than the other mech-warrior chess pieces?
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