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Edit with last update and background :

Hey guys, I decided to join the 3D total army for this challenge, with a male naga hero, add below some pics and a little background :
Kumon'Tah, The Ancient Exiled

Kumon'Tah hates Azshara for what she has done to the Highborne people, he would have preferred death to the transformation in these snake-looking monsters,
also the mocking fate gave him the gift of immortality and the energies of the Maelstrom changed his body in an extreme way.
Unwilling to comply with the matriarchal laws of the naga people and hating Azshara he was exiled, but not being able to die he wanders through the abyss, armed
of what the ocean gives him, hunting down old enemies of his race and punishing those who dare to disturb him.
So, here the sketch and some ref images, I'll use alot of shell, fish and crab shape, I want give him a primordial and ancient look.
Usually I use PS only for texture so sry for this crap concept, I'll add moar and MOOOOAR stuff on the road with 3D

and here start head from a sphere and add blockout of crest and tentacles with some different techniques :

C&C are very welcome, I'm looking for any ideas for the weapon and the armor pieces ^^

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