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if you are still interested in finding a free modeling software, that gives you animation, and good mapping, well not wings because it dosnt have animations, and it is a mess, though very easy and fast, but the only thing is that there is no animation, so I would say ...... not gmax also, because this product was made to make levels and edit levels not to creat GAMES, its difficult to explain but I think that you already saw that you can not save your work or export it to *.3ds for example, though this is not important in game making, but if you are using DirectX to make your games you will as far as I know, you will need to export your model into *.x file right? well thats what I do.

so to make long story short, try 3d Canvas, download it from , it is powerful, has animation, (it got 5 stars in as an editor), so I would try this first, also because if you want to buy it one day, it will be like 60$. But if you are not interested in animations then I would say 3d wings, it is really great, there you can select loop edges or ring by one click for example, and it is really fast to learn and to use, I did some work with wings for games and it worked out very good for me. but no animations!

good luck.
Jalal A. H. Sela
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