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well, so much about the rantings and whinings and the like about designing, modelling and programming. the first thing, i think, is the need of a storyline. what good is a game where u just go around shooting people without any specific purpose. at least get a goal or an idea of what the game should be doing.

well, so much so, has anybody even given the slightest of thought to develop the enemy ai, or are u all trying to get the easy way out by making the game nultiplayer only? developing ai is not the easy thing. in fact it is harder than learning programming... starting from basic as lockdown mentioned.

i have been programming since 1991, 12 years already. my programming path...

gw basic
turbo c
visual basic 5
gnu c++
visual basic 6
visual c++
visual basic .net

i still find it confusing. some times, it gets real frustrating and i format my hard disk. then i get to reinstall again and find most of the backups were never made.(i guess, thats why i never get to post any wips )

so anyways ppl, before you get into game programming, be ready to work hard and get ready to work real hard. then think about the creativity u have.

fianlly, financial backup always helps
Dream on and on and on.............
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