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Hello Dragon_Huolong,

I'm a moderator and I've been approving your posts in the thread over the last few months. Everything is fine with your images, I approve them every time, but last week I was on vacation. A few of your posts have been in the moderation queue all this time, which I approved now. Could you check if any of the images you posted are missing?

For the record, members who haven't posted at least 3 posts in 3 different threads are considered as requiring moderator approval. Since you've been posting only in one thread, your posts have always required moderator approval. If you were wondering why your posts show up with a delay, that was the reason. Now that you've posted in this thread additionally, posting in one more thread should effectively make you a member not requiring moderator approval anymore. To do so, could you post a short introduction to the Say Hello thread in Off-Topic forum, please?
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