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hehe, i've been away from this forum for ages. Glad too see this thread is still going. The last time i posted in this thread i was using a stand-alone "game engine" called blitz3d. I've since moved onto the Truevision3d SDK, which is more ofa library. you have too write your own game code e.t.c which makes it far more flexible. As for the old "You have too develop" in c++. I still think this is a very stupid comment. I would however like too add that being able to code in c++ is a great advantage. It is NOT the be all and end all. I think the vast majrity of people who have posted in this thread have essentially blown that statement out of the water. I know a lot of coders currently writing games. The general consensus is that c++ is far too complex for games development, especially in large teams. It is the BEST for games development imo, but it is not an ideal evnironment for it. I'm using delphi, which as far as im concerned is a far better lanaguage than c++. This is of course purely an opinion. Regardless, the sdk i am using, the next version of it, will be completely written in c++. So the backbone too my game will be c++. If you are intended too start from scratch using pure directx api and you are a solo developer. Then really, it doesn't matter what language your using, because you'll probably fail
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