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What kind of game programming are we talking?

If the subject is about making a game for having fun, then that is the correct way. But if you want to become a *true* game programmer/maker, you surely have to take another path.

Pre-build engines, or 'game makers' aren't a good choice. First, they do limit your game, you cannot make 'everything you want'. Second You should learn how to develop a little engine by yourself cos it will help you a lot to understand how it works. It won't take more than a few months if you alredy know how to program in c/c++ and have a good OpenGL/directX reference (NeHe tutorials are a good start point).

When you have your engine, you should start thinking how you will code your game. Most game developers use a 'self' script language to code levels, ia, and every other aspect of the game.

UnrealEngine uses UnrealScript as scripting language. Blizzard games, like Starcraft, uses a script language to define every ia strategies.

Now you have to code a few levels, maybe only one, in your scripting language.

At same time, design your models, maps, weapons, sounds...

Build all togheter and your have a little game.

Making a real game only takes more and more people to work on it. Don't try to make a DoomIV alone But, as said, try to make a little game, following all the steps: coding, modelling, sound, etc.

What I use:

- Programming: C or C++. Java is good too. Visual Basic NO, think on the good games: starcraft, quake, unreal, half-life... anyone coded with VB? No...

- API/SDK: most actual games uses directX as main API/SDK. I prefer OpenGL + OpenAL + other non propietary libs. But you should test all if you have time. Profesionals do test every new version that comes out.

With this you can start the game. Later youl'll need artist: 2D, 3D, sound. but... eh! i'm the programmer, you all are the artists

Hope this helps.

NOTE: sorry for my bad english Spanish user
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