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No, i disagree. In order to develop games in a professional manner you do NOT need to write your own engine. Infact it would be stupid to do so. Look at the majority of games on the market. Most use third party engines. Not all obvioisly, but most. This is because it is quicker than writing your own. You have too write your own games engine. But not your own graphics engine. Why would you want too reinvent the wheel?. Why write octree's, lightmap support, file type support, dynamic lighting, billboarding, particles, vertex/pixel shaders and lots more, then on top of all that you would have to write a game engine on top of it. This is idiotic when a lot of graphics libraries do this for you. An you can just concentrate on writing game code, like ai, file i/o and custom classes.

I will agree that knowing some directx/opengl is an advantage. Otherwise you might get lost when using d3dvectors an so forth. But expecting hobbyists or small teams to write an entire engine for a game is foolhardy. The project would never be finished. As stated before i'm using a graphics library. NOT a game engine. Game engines like dark basic and blitz3d are not flexible enough for serious development. But expecting people, or a small dev team, too write an entire engine for a commercial quality game from scratch is, in my opinion, stupid.

On a side note:

Anybody who knows me well knows i loathe vb. However, i have seen a LOT of vb D3D apps and games written in vb that are complex and that have 600+ fps. Vb is poor for math's and is not imo "ideal" for 3d development. But it can be done if the coder is good enough.
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