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I quite like GI, but yeah, it takes too long.

I find placement of standard lights can have as good an effect, yet I'm not too good at the lighting

That Fprime would really improve things though!!!

Thats something thats missing from any 3D program. The ability to see in real time, effects that on a CPU would take hours to render.

To allow you to see small changes without long render times (Something that I hate about 3D programs while working on them)

Thats what next generation of 3D programs need. Shame Fprime doesn't seem to be for Max.

We'll soon see hoefpully though, GPU's rendering complex geometry like the CPU does now, and rendering radiosity, GI in real time. Allowing you to work actually IN the GI environment, and not in a simplified version in REAL TIME

Imagine that? Your render would simply already be there, and you could still see polygons and that, but when you move around a light, you'd see the effects straight away!!!

That'd make working with 3D so much more easily, I tell you.

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