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some amazing sculpts out there as always.
DELTATHUND3R: well done...I don't think he could look any better...or cuter.
frebel: I loved that show...haven't thought of it in years, great start...can't wait to see him finished.
bryzol: simply amazing...and you still have time to make it more so. great idea, great presentation, great sculpt.
Siah: in only an hour you have a beautiful piece, love the expression...can't wait to see where you go with it.

Well I'm just a few minutes shy of the four hour mark, so this is pretty much it for this sculpt.
The insect is made from the egginsides.OBJ, the stick is from the top half of the eggsplit.OBJ and the egg sack is from the other half.

I'm calling it "Mother on Driftwood".

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