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Hi all.
Bryzol-thats looks awsome..Love ya hair it turned out great the whole look of your sculpt her legs her face.she seems so at peace really well done.
ianchaos-I like it...very nice.The eggs look great,not an easy insect to do and youve done well.
Siah- Great expression.I have no idea what its gunna be.Looking good.
Once I finished my main sculpt,it was time for posing.I sketch alot of various poses.I decided to do them all, well 5 of them for I kinda like too get it right this time round.Every one took well under 4 hours to pose, some still need a little alpha lovin and smoothin on eggy,but squirt turtle is done.....Im leaning towards the turle in the sand...
...Sweet dude..
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