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In the world called Anlusia there's a legend about a being with the body of a man and the head of a lion sent by God to bring His word to the mankind. Gaeros is his name. The majory people of Anlusia faces the story like a myth. Anlusia is a dark and corrupted world. mystical and evil creatures whisper around, the old magic more rare than ever is on the hands of dark necromancers ignored by the corrupted government. Hope is fading. People do not bealive in miracles anymore. No... they are lost. there's no salvation, no mercy for the sinners of Anlusia, no.. they're dead. For this reason the great Gaeros was seen for the first time by the purity of a child's eyes. Representing the renovation and reborn of the faith. And he will light the world with his wisdom and love.
The scene shows when Gaeros appears to the very first time and a astonished little boy watching him.

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