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Attention all AVATAR participants! SUBMISSION GUIDELINES!

Attention all AVATAR participants!

Please read the following guidelines on how to submit your artwork to the jury. To submit your final images, you should:

1) Register on the official website
We have set up a special gallery section on the website for final artwork submissions. But before you can submit your images, you need to register at: When registering, please make sure to include the following info:

Username - your username on the Threedy forums (or or
Artist your name
Country your country
Email Address your email

To confirm your registration, an email will be sent with a link to activate your account.

2) Upload your final image and WIP sheet
First, login to the gallery using your login and password information (which you specified during the registration), and then click Upload file and upload the final image and WIP sheet. Your files should not exceed 1024 KB in total. For the judging stage we accept submissions as .JPG files at 72dpi - screen resolution - at approx. 800-1000 pixels wide. DO NOT send original, hi-res 300 dpi files. In the description please make sure to include:

Album - 2D, 3D or Comic(Cartoon) Style Category
Image Title - the title of your work (for a collage add the WIP), for example:
Avatara (final image)
Avatara WIP (work in progress stages)
File description - description of your image and link to your thread on Threedy forums (or or
Software Used in Creation of Image - program(s) used for creating your illustration

Looking forward to see your final works!

Best regards,
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