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The GI look is definantly a major part of any good looking light setup, it's on the rise in games as well, take The Witcher and Mirror's Edge as clear examples, the later has extremly vivid radiosity going too, ofcourse, non of this is dynamic lighting.

I always fake global illumination/radiosity in a similar way and bake that into a lightmap for my scenes. Simply becasue I find this gives me most bang for render time. I use 3ds Max and to me, as in for my own ego, using high-end renderers and timeconsuming settings ise'nt impressing at myself while i'm doing the art. I realize I can use it to get a better results, but not so much that it justify the time I spend rendering. So I use the good ol' scanline renderer primarly, becasue it's fast, and to me that equals more fun.

Here is an typical exampel of some roof props; render time is ~5 seconds on a AMD Phenom 9950, since all the light (except one dynamic spotlight for the suns direct light + shadows) are contained in a prerendered bitmap.
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