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thanks to the 3 or 4 people who voted for me.

here are my choices
1 Fellipe Lopes

because they voted for me.

This competition is a bit biased. I am new to this forum and already I don't really like the attitude on here. The fact that 3D Total promoted mrpeculiar's dragon throughout this competition (on the top row thumbs) is a total farse.

Weather you have done good work or not makes no difference unless an independent judge steps in to make a choice of winners otherwise it's just forum chums patting each other on the back.

It's a real shame as I like some of the people on here but I don't thinking I will spend anymore time on competition on here because the marking system SUCKS.

If the guy organising the competition places my dragon 2nd then why did I only get 3 or 4 votes. BTW thank you Freespace-3DT very kind of you.

Anyway I have said my piece.
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