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This competition is a bit biased. I am new to this forum and already I don't really like the attitude on here. The fact that 3D Total promoted mrpeculiar's dragon throughout this competition (on the top row thumbs) is a total farse.
I was the one who showed MrPeculiar's dragon on the top news bar during the competition, and from what I remember it was plugged just the once. It was selected at the time during the challenge because I quite simply felt it would make a great thumbnail for the top news bar. We needed to promote the challenge, and it looked to be a suitable image at the time. And that's the only reason. No bias was taken or intended. If you think that way, then I'm sorry, but that's not how it was.

As for buddies voting for each other, we have a rule whereby you have to have been a member for a certain time period and have passed a certain vote count, which prevents people getting friends (or even themselves) to create new accounts to boost their votes. It would be a shame to stop community voting in the challenges, and I have never known an undeserving winner before, so I don't think the voting system is so bad, but it's something we can of course keep an eye on in the future, and as Freespace has said we're always open to suggestions for improvement!

It would be cool if you could stick around, especially as we have Gnomon sponsoring our latest challenge - it's a really great one to get involved in and is proving really popular! I think if you stick around, you'll find out we're not so bad after all.
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