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Toxic_Boy - Im really liking this man.Though I think you should explore more matcaps.I feel like this one is sort of taking away from what this sexy beast really can look like with a diff one applied to him ya know.Look GREAT so far man!
Can't wait to see the final.

mastein - Such a clean finish.Im drroooooling waiting for the presentation shots man.DROOOLING!Lol.But seriously...I did.

Stoneking - Looking good man.Keep it going.

2 hours and 40 minutes into my sculpt.So much to be done.Such little time.Its so fun though.I will definitely be joining more of these kinds of contest here on 3d total.

Oh and theres a 3d max render in there just for the hell of it.Basically it looked cool so I put it here with the rest.
Enjoy guys.
Crits and comments VERY welcomed.

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