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tsabszy: Ur right, they are very thin, especially at the ankle.

The Prime: good point, I didn't know what was wrong but its okay now, scaled down the face.

washka: thanks for the tip! gonna fix that in zeebee.

Warlock 279: Thanks! yeah I'll fix those legs up during sculpting for sure.

L3XICON: yeah, its kinda hard thanks! I'm thinking that maybe cloth needs a bit of review, make it more complex. Or something to make the silhouette interesting, because right now, its dull..

paulius-st: I'll look in to the proportion section I didn't wanna make huge boobs, after all, she is the goddess of humility but a tad bigger package can't hurt anyone ur right about the nose, fixed that thanks

redonix76: thanks!

I was thinking, that the clothes looks alright, but the outer silhouette is very dull, and nothing special is going on. I need to think of something to make it more god like. I was also thinking, that I will add one or two little butterfly, with kind of a blue spirit effect, with like 75% opacity and stuff, flying around the head of Nimrit.

edit: can anyone tell me, if there is a way to fix problems like this in zb? I was doing some tests, and there were some unwelded vertexes along the symmetry line, and they caused a hole. my question would be if this can be fixed inside zb?
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