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I think you should try and links the two characters somehow. Possibly have her holding a chain?...
Get a move on son, even with the 7 day extension you have ****e loads to do! Be a shame not to finish!!
I did I break down of all the things I need to do, and your in the same spot so I'll post my todo list and give you an idea how far we are from the finish line.

Day10 - Finish Sculpt

Day09 - Retopologise & UV

Day08 - Normal Map, improve & fix artifacts

Day07 - Colour Map

Day06 - Spec, Gloss and bump map

Day05 - Opacity map, and effects

Day04 - Boning, skinning, posing

Day03 - Lighting Rendering

Day02 - Final beauty render

Day01 - Presentation Sheets
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