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Playing around with stuff ( i saw that i don`t like number 23 texture on final render)

And full text

In the near future around 2050, people continued rapidly dying from various diseases. Despite, scientist working hard last 50 years on finding cures, there were none. Cancer, diabetes, mental illness, tumors developed even further and were unstoppable.

In 2044 scientist from Serbia, developed “shrinking device” called “Krug promene” (”Circle of Change“), it could make person size of molecules. After a couple of years Doctors and Scientist, from all around the world started seeing the potential in curing people. Viruses act as hostile bodies inside of a human, so it was able to fight against them with special ”Blood A. Fleets”

First “Blood A. Fleet:” was produced in 2051, with its special features it would be shrunk and moved inside the human host destroying viruses of different kind. Crew of 180 people, volunteered to try this hope (Doctors, Scientists, Soldiers). It was equipped with special Stations that once the body was cleaned from virus, would stay and analyze progress and blood of humans.

New area was here, a future where we were able to fight for the first time with our biggest enemy from ancient times and win - DISEASES.
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