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GustavoTorqueto thank you! nice to hear it
Zuka thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed the vid, the soundtrack is Starcraft 1 original soundtrack one of the greatest and most moody ost of games for sure!
SilverG there are hundereds of challanges out there you won't miss a thing
pavolsvk thank you for your compliment! i'm affraid not too much video is coming if any.. coz i'm running late and slow enough already and capturing videos, cutting them and uploading them is too much distraction
fantasymaster i'm using some very old version of it.. i enjoy using it, though i'll be creating a game resolution model, not only high poly so i might not bother Keyshot any more...

some update on the helmet. i needed to run over it again. after looking at other's work i figured it was terribly undetailed. kinda hard to keep balance between well enough details and a nice flowing desing. i'm running slowly but hopefully at least it will turn out ok.

shots from 3ds max viewport:
(the ones with shadow are thx to Nitrous viewport shading, others are normal shaded shots)

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