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Smile Raven Logo

I really love the way to enhance logo like you did spyrous without extruding... I was thinking of doing it with the miami dolphins...

But i wanted to try what you told and learned me Mc Fly. And i am quite satisfied even i have probably used a too high level subdiv modifier in render... More than 12000000 polys, a little bit exagerated... But it was a try and level 6 was probably too much.

This extruded logo is not really hard to do and didn't take much time... One hour, but i have made some try. I used blender, and a little bit photoshop for some compositing, pass with an indirect lighting effect (1 hour to render this pass with a sphere as an emitter) and pass with AO and flat pass. But it was a short time to compose it in photoshop, 5 mn and a level adjustement

So thanks for all these advices, i will look and ask in the W.I.P section next time. It is another great advice. So for wireframe, as i have not used a single mesh this time, i use the wireframe modifier, it is not easy to see everything, but all the wireframe can be seen... So no longer talking, i will show it to you now.

I don't really know US football(except the superbowl, that i follow each year). But i do like ravens, the birds... I would have prefered to make a nascar logo as i am a huge fan (go kyle busch... but that's no matter at all, but yes we also follow NASCAR in france with pat & phil)...
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