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Please Read Before Posting Or Replying To Posts

Before posting music here.

1, Make sure you have read the guidelines for posting on this forum

2, Know the music copyright laws, and do not break them.
found here

3, Expect people to constructively criticise the work - after all that's why you've posted it isn't it?

4, Don't be offended if somebody doesn't like what you have done. As long as their critique and advice was well meaning take it in the spirit it was offered. don't just dismiss peoples efforts even if you don't think they are relevant, tell them why you did things your way and not theirs.

Before adding comments about peoples work please bear the following in mind.

1, The work has been posted here for constructive criticism that doesn't mean you can just rubbish someone's efforts without explaining why you think it could be improved.

2, Don't just say something is great when it obviously isn't. These type of posts help nobody. We are all here to learn and being told how great a half finished badly rendered image is certainly doesn't teach us anything.

3, Be polite but say what you really think, describe how you would approach the problem and maybe let the artist of the work you are commenting on benefit from another point of view.

4, Don't be afraid to speak your mind - everybody has something valuable they can add to a piece. Don't be offended if your ideas aren't used this time people will make a mental note and use it in the future.
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