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Originally Posted by DarkBoost
I understand what you are saying and where you are coming from re. fancy renders. If clay models are what you are looking for then this should be advised in the competition rules as like myself I was not aware of this...
Nah... it's not necessary. Clay renders are not required... and they don't get special treatment either... it's just a preference.

Originally Posted by Freek
Personally I spend the time on lighting and materials to get more experience there aswell. I really am starting to grasp mental ray better becuase of it. ...
Which exactly why we allow all the time in the world for texturing. The more you learn... the better!

Originally Posted by ClassicGamer
I myself feel personlly that it's ll getting a little out of hand and a little off topic of late ...
Which is why I'd rather they discuss questions here and not in the challenge threads.

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