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THE Sculpting Challenge 010: Jack-o'-Lantern!

Sculpt your own Jack-o'-Lantern

Welcome to THE TENth Sculpting Challenge. Whether you're new to sculpting, to the Threedy forums, or you're a seasoned veteran, come and join in on the Sculpting madness – there's plenty of fun and learning to be had by all!

The Rules:
1. The competition will run until midnight on Halloween (GMT); the time between now and then will be allocated to creating and submitting the entries, followed by several days of judging and voting for the entries – at which point the next competition will start.

2. The moderators will be supplying a base mesh for each competition, from which everyone will start sculpting. This is so we all get an equal start and it keeps us on topic. This week's base mesh has been provided by Richard Tilbury (in-house at 3DTotal) and adapted by a ZBrush artist to include a hollow pumpkin shape with a lid. You must work only with the base mesh provided and you must not add any additional base meshes or objects. We simply want you to use your imagination and see what you can come up with from this simple base mesh!

3. There will be a time limit for the sculpting. Spend no longer than the allocated time limit, then post a screen-grab of your model. No cheating – we are relying on your honesty here!

4. Do not add any meshes other than those sanctioned in this competition brief.

5. As the base meshes show, the sculpt this time starts from a simple sphere. Do not add any additional objects, subtools or base meshes. We basically want to see what you can do from just this simple base mesh!

6. No rendering, texturing, lighting or rigging – let's keep it all about the high-res sculpt! What we are looking for is the quality of the sculpt you can produce "under pressure". If your entry is not complete, you can still post as long as it's recognisable and on topic.

7. For your final entry, post a screen-grab from your software with your finished work in it. It's fine to present this stuff nicely, with nice labelling etc., but do not add any post-production to the images themselves. These images must be uploaded to our servers by using the "Manage Attachments" button on the forum reply page. Do not link to external image files. Larger than the maximum size or posts containing links to external images (other than for reference materials) will be removed and the poster disqualified.

8. You can create multiple sculpts, but you can have only one final entry for each competition.

9. Do not create your own WIP thread. Simply post all WIP screen-grabs in here and your FINAL entry in the Submissions thread, once it has been set up later on in the Challenge.

These rules apply to everybody taking part – there will be NO exceptions!

We've attached the supplied base meshes at the bottom of this post. Take it and go subdivide!

This month's prizes I have tried to keep Halloween related! Wordware Publishing, Inc. are kindly sponsoring this challenge with three copies - one each for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place - of Wayne Robson's latest title, Essential ZBrush. On top of this, I have three copies of Tofu The Vegan Zombie: Zombie Dearest for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places - one each. And as a special present for the person who comes in 1st place, I am going to also send them 1 copy of Total Textures DVD: Volume 11 - Alien Organic. So no tricks, just treats for the sculptors who come in the top 3. And don't forget the status that comes along with a 1st place Speed Sculpting Winner is always pretty cool!

The Brief:
Time limit: 4 hours
Start Date: 21st October, 18:00 GMT+0
Deadline: 30th October, 11:59 PM GMT+0 (For information about GMT click here)
Subject: Sculpt your own Jack-o’-Lantern!
Trick or treat!

With Halloween fast approaching we thought it was about time we got our sculpting tools stuck into something a little festive for this time of year, and what’s more festive than carving a pumpkin on Halloween to make your very own jack-o’-lantern to scare the kids as they come greedily knocking for treats?

Well, carving a Jack-o-lantern couldn’t be more perfectly suited to a great Speed Sculpting Challenge, so sculpting tools at the ready – let’s get carving!

It’s going to be a short challenge this time – all in the name of Halloween. So no time to waste; let’s see what you can do in just the 9 remaining days till All Hallows Eve!

But before we get carried away, let’s have a think about where we should take our sculpts … With a challenge as simple as this, you can imagine that we’re going to be looking for something a little special, something a bit unique and that pushes the limits of sculpting a traditional jack-o’-lantern. There’s no room here for run-of-the-mill pumpkin sculpts – we want something a bit more exciting! And we’re talking Halloween remember, so we’re thinking ghouls and ghosties, witches and demons – that kind of thing! And have a think about what jack-o’-lanterns represent, too! Let’s see what good ol’ Wiki has to say about Mr. Jack-o’-lantern:

A jack-o'-lantern (sometimes also spelled Jack O'Lantern) is typically a carved pumpkin. It is associated chiefly with the holiday Halloween, and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus or jack-o'-lantern. In a jack-o'-lantern, typically the top is cut off, and the inside flesh then scooped out; an image, usually a monstrous face, is carved onto the outside surface, and the lid replaced. At night a light (commonly a candle) is placed inside to illuminate the effect. The term is not particularly common outside North America, although the practice of carving lanterns for Halloween is.

Exactly, thanks Wiki! So we’re looking for monstrous faces carved into weird and wonderful pumpkins. Use your imagination! Everyone’s tried sculpting a pumpkin for Halloween once in their life – and made a right royal mess at the same time, I should imagine. There are so many limits when sculpting a fleshy pumpkin with a knife and gutting it with a spoon, so take the advantage here with your ZBrush/Mudbox sculpting tools and create something truly unique (whilst not deviating from the subject of course).

As always, time is of the essence – speed is the nature of this game, after all! You’ve got just 9 days (but that’s plenty of time) to get yourselves carving your pumpkins! The time limit for this speed sculpting challenge is 4 hours. You can of course spend some time beforehand on your research – we’re just limiting your sculpting time, not your brain food. We don’t limit the number of sculpts you create for any challenge, but we do say you can only submit one for the final submissions.

Great, so we’ve got our subject – tick! We’ve got our sculpting software – tick! So get sculpting! And don’t be shy, go for 1st place – why not? Have a look through previous challenges to see the quality of the past winners and take some inspiration from there for your own sculpt. The base mesh is simple and so is the idea, but don’t take that to mean your interpretation has to be simple – your imagination is the limit!

Happy Halloween everyone!
The Mesh:
Your base mesh is attached to this post - simply click on the attachment at the end of this post, save the file and you're on your way!

The base mesh was created by Richard Tilbury (in-house at 3DTotal) and adapted by a ZBrush artist to include a hollow pumpkin shape with a lid, from which to sculpt your pumpkin and get carving. You just need to take the .obj file into your ZBrush or Mudbox scene, and get started!

Please also note that you mustn't add any more objects! Use only what has been provided and nothing more!! This is the challenge after all!

Any problems, gimme a shout -
Here's your .obj file - download it and get going! >>>>
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