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Originally Posted by Suirebit-3DT View Post
Comments for :

kaustav> I appreciate your effort, your matte is not bad, but the guys above took you. The blue you used is too saturated and uniform, even though it's night there should be variations, look at mateja's piece for instance. Good job and looking forward to see more from you.
Hi Suirebit,

Thank you very much for the precious comments & critiques!

Congratulations to Mateja, Guitarsimo, jfmgraphics & snwbrdr!

It was a great learning experience for me! Thanks Suirebit, for organizing this awesome challenge! Will hope to participate in future matte-painting challenges, here at 3DTotal!

Btw, how will I get my free e-book, Suirebit?
Kaustav Sinha
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